ZSPEC was established as the outcome of frustration by one of our founders going back to the mid-2000's with first products launched in 2008. As we approach our 15-Year Anniversary in 2023, we continue to strive to operate as a Premium Automotive Hardware & Accessory restyling brand.

The original intent was incepted after a comprehensive dress-up bolts and fastener hardware for one of their personal Japanese sports cars. Most of what existed was substandard quality and typically stamped with a strange brand that no one really wanted all over their engine bay. Finishes were poor, quality inconsistent and the aftermarket vendors supplying these products didn't seem all that interested in creating a "model-specific" product.

It became apparent that the only way to get high quality products was to design and produce them and cater to those who want to treat their automotive hobby as one would an art project.   

Enter enthusiast-led product development; ZSPEC began filling gaps in functional needs for accessories across the Nissan-Infiniti line of vehicles.  This started with our own custom-designed Dress Up Bolts hardware line - stainless, billet and titanium hardware solutions for all sorts of makes/models.  Additionally, custom accessories are a part of our DNA - such as battery brackets, reservoir cap dress-up items, dipstick handles and other touches to "enhance" the vehicle's curb-appeal.  

Today, ZSPEC addresses products for ~150 models for both import and domestic and continue to grow our product brands (trademarks) are "Dress Up Bolts" and "ZSPEC Design" - both under ZSPEC Design LLC.