ZSPEC Battery Bracket Rod, 220mm w/FHSC M6 Bolt/Fastener, StainlessJ-Hook Rod, 220mm w/FHSC M6 Fastener, Stainless

ZSPEC Design

ZSPEC Battery Bracket Rod, 200mm w/FHSC M6 Bolt/Fastener, Stainless

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ZSPEC Stainless Battery Bracket Rod

- Stainless Steel Rod, ~200mm Length
- Integrated M6-1.0 Stainless Hex Nut
- Rod base is curved upward, similar to factory rods.
- Includes FHSC M6 fastener - for use with battery brackets which have a "recessed" fastener hole.

This rod is sold PER EACH - please verify your length needed before ordering.

Requires basic hand-tools for installation (not included).